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Following the allegations posed by controversy queen Poonam Pandey, her husband Sam Bombay has been arrested in Goa within few days of their wedding. She had filed an FIR against him claiming that he had molested, threatened, and assaulted her.

“Pandey filed a complaint late Monday night claiming her husband Sam Bombay had molested her and threatened her with dire consequences after assaulting her. He was arrested. The victim was subjected to mandatory medical tests,” Inspector Tukaram Chavan of Canacona police station said.

The two had tied their marital knot on September 1. The actress had made the announcement and wrote to her Instagram wall, “Here’s looking forward to seven lifetimes with you.”

The complaint is registered under Section 323, Section 504, Section 354, and Section 506(ii) of the Indian Penal Code. She stated that he had assaulted her and slapped her besides threatening her with dire consequences over a personal dispute.

The model turned actress had been in controversies before as well. In 2011, she had given a controversial statement that she would strip if India won the Cricket Cup. However, she had not stripped citing the reason that BCCI will not allow her to do that.

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