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It’s raining heavily in Bihar, not water droplets but money this time. Not a movie scene or a lucky draw contest where people are receiving crores of rupees in their accounts. It is the third consecutive incident in a week where banks in Bihar credited whopping sums of money in random people’s accounts.

Now, Ram Bahadur Shah from Singari village in Muzaffarpur district received Rs 52 crore in his bank account.

“We are poor villagers dependent on farming. We urge the state government to give me some amount so that the rest of my life becomes easy and smooth,” requested Ram Bahadur Shah.

His son Sujith Shah said, “We are facing a problem after the money is credited in the account of my father. We are farmers and we need help from the government. I don’t know how this money is credited in my father’s account but the bank should give the interest to my father from the day the money was credited in the account. It is not our fault. It is the fault of the bank.”

Rs 906 Crore in Class 6 Students’ Account

Two class 6 students from Pastiya village in Azamnagar block in Bihar received Rs 906 crore in their accounts, Rs 900 Cr in Vishwas, and Rs 6 cr in Asit Kumar’s account. They went to the local Grameen bank to check Rs 1200 that the Bihar government used to transfer for the uniform of every student.

Rs 5.5 Lakh – PM Modi’s First Installment

Prior to this, Rs 5.5 lakh were wrongly credited in Ranjit Das’s account who is a farmer by profession. He refused to return the amount claiming it to be the first installment as per PM Narendra Modi’s promise to deposit Rs 15 lakh in every countryman’s account. He is currently under custody for now.

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