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A Mumbai session court has convicted the husband of murder of his estranged wife and awarded him a life sentence. The court took the decision after the accused failed to explain how his dead wife’s blood was there on his clothes exactly on the day when his wife was bludgeoned to death in their Mulund home in 2017.

A 40-year-old engineer Jayesh Mhadelkar was convicted for murdering his 33 years old estranged wife, Shreya over the suspicion of an extramarital affair.

Jayesh has denied the charges and involvement by saying that he was in Hyderabad. The court has refuted his claims citing the grounds there is no railway ticket.

Shreya’s mother told that Jayesh used to assault her a lot and always doubted her character. Shreya was employed with a private hospital. She had been victim of repeated domestic violence. Once Jayesh hit her with a pressure cooker and many times ripped her hair too.

Judge AM Khan described the murder cold-blooded and said, “the prosecution succeeded in establishing the accused had motive to commit the offence as relations with the deceased wife were strained, and there were instances of his assaulting her prior to the present crime.

Jayesh and Shreya had eloped in 2003 and had a son ain 2005. Jayesh subjected her to mental and physical assault several times as communicated by the mother of the deceased. Following which many police complaints were registered.

Deceased’s mother told that Shreya had moved back to her maternal home with her son around a month before her murder. On January 27, 2017, Jayesh came to reconcile with Shreya. Shreya refused to go with him and then he left the house. Shreya also left within a few minutes to accompany Jayesh to the ground floor.

After she didn’t return, the deceased’s mother called at the hospital to check whether Shreya has reached which the hospital denied. After searching for so long, Shreya’s mother and sister went to her marital home where they found her motionless with several major head injuries.

There were 14 other witnesses who reported that they had seen both of them together and there is a neighbour at Shreya’s marital home who told that they both arrived together in the building.

Therefore the court observed, “The prosecution proved the deceased was last seen with the accused soon before death. The prosecution proved all circumstances pressed by them against the accused to prove guilt of the accused.”

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