1) New System of Scheduling a Hearing at the Patent Office

In order to lessen the burden caused to the Attorneys because of continuous visits to a proper office of the Indian Patent Office, the Office of Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (hereinafter alluded to as the ‘CGPDTM’) issued a notice dated April 24, 2018 altering the present arrangement of booking of hearings.

In the present arrangement of booking a hearing, the hearings are settled by giving the documenting date of the application without a thought of the Attorney/Applicant engaged with the issue. This has prompted various visits of the Attorneys to the Patent Office. Solicitations were made to the Office of CGPDTM to change the present framework so such regular visits might be maintained a strategic distance from.

Considering these worries of the Attorneys/Applicant, the Office of CGPDTM issued a notice that the present arrangement of booking a hearing would be adjusted with impact from June 2018. By this changed framework, if an Attorney/Applicant has more than one hearing recorded/planned for a specific month on various dates, the same would be clubbed together with the goal that the hearings can be gone to on the same date. If on the off chance that matters identifying with an Attorney/Applicant is more than day by day restrain, at that point the same should be settled on the exact next working day.

This new arrangement of hearing would be of enormous help to Attorney/Applicant and would prompt a superior hearing because of time and vitality spared.

2) Availability Of WIPO Digital Access Service Under The WIPO‐India Cooperation Agreement

Recently, a WIPO – INDIA Cooperation agreement was set up between World Intellectual Property Organization (hereinafter alluded to as the ‘WIPO’) and Indian Patent Office (hereinafter alluded to as the ‘Initial public offering’) on January 31, 2018, expressing that the IPO has begun the WIPO Digital Access Service (DAS) for priority documents presented by the candidates from the taking an interest Patent workplaces.

The WIPO Digital Access Service is a to a great degree supportive instrument as it encourages Easy, Secure, Quick and Inexpensive procedure for submission of certified copies of priority documents. The IPO will go about as a keeping office and will transfer guaranteed duplicates of patent and mechanical outline applications as need archives, including International Patent applications under PCT documented at the Office (RO/IN) which are recorded on and after January 31, 2018. The applicant(s) should particularly ask for the patent office to make such need records accessible to the WIPO DAS.

The highlights of WIPO DAS are as under:

  • Applicant(s) can request the office of first recording to store the need archive into the WIPO DAS framework, and demand workplaces of second documenting to utilise the administration for acquiring access to such reports.
  • Use of an access code given by WIPO DAS;
  • Documents are traded using secure channels;
  • The DAS Service is facilitated and regulated by WIPO.
  • No need to give a confirmed duplicate of a need record independently to every office of second documenting.
  • No need to pay for numerous duplicates of the paper priority document

The Agreement covers helpful exercises for the change of IP business administrations at the Office, including ventures for digitalization, information catch and information quality change, information trade for the spread of IP data, arrangement of business frameworks by WIPO for digitization, archive administration, online inquiry and any related frameworks or modules and formation of national as well as provincial lP databases. The method for storing the need document(s) by the candidate is a simple procedure comprising of 6 stages which have been unmistakably clarified in the notice.

The notice in regards to this understanding was distributed on March 12, 2018, which was issued by the office of The Controller General Patents, Designer and Trade Marks.

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