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In a recent judgment, the Punjab and Haryana High Court held that there is no need to attach photographs of the runaway couple as proof of marriage. The court further added that the High Court is not built or meant for this parasitical non-litigation.

The bench headed by Justice Rajiv Narain Raina said the large number of cases filed by runaway couples before it, seeking protection from their disapproving families was providing to be a “big burden” and draining its resources. Thus, while granting police protection to a runaway couple who had married against their parents’ wishes, the court has asked the Registry to stop entertaining such annexures with the application.

The bench has stated, “Photographs are not proof of marriage neither is a Court concerned with the marriage in this jurisdiction. The Court is only concerned about the identity of the petitioners in these cases which can be traced back. For these, there are Aadhar cards and other official photo identification and passport size photographs of both etc.”

For that police protection petition, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has accorded the police protection to the runaway couple after acknowledging the immediate attention needed in the matter to ensure their safety from any kind of harassment.

In the earlier hearing of the matter, the bench has asked the advocate regarding the need for attaching the marriage ceremony photographs. Then the advocate cited that the Registry used to raise the objection.

In response, the Registry stated that there were no objections made at their end. They had only objected when there are photographs attached but are not clear.

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