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In another shocking penalty under Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship, a schoolboy has been sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment for watching a banned movie for just 5 minutes. The boy was arrested on November 7 for watching a South Korean movie.

The teen was watching a South Korean mystery drama “The Uncle”. North Korea is quite strict about their cultural laws and is known for awarding shocking punishments to those who violate them.

On the 7th, a 14-year-old student from Hyesan City’s Elementary and Middle School (our middle school) was arrested while watching the South Korean movie The Uncle. They were arrested within five minutes of watching the movie, and they were sentenced to 14 years of hard labour,” reported the sources.

North Korea brought the ‘Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture’ law last year. As per this new law, the violator can get a maximum penalty of death for watching, keeping, or distributing media (including TV shows, movies, and books) from capitalist countries, particularly from South Korea, and western countries like the US.

Student Sentenced To Death For Smuggling Squid Game Copies In North Korea

Last month, a student in North Korea was sentenced to death. Reportedly, his execution will be carried out in the most brutal way by firing squad.

He allegedly brought the copy of the South Korean survival series Squid Game and sold USB flash drives to seven other students. The one student who bought the copy has been sentenced to life in prison and the other six students who watched it, are sentenced to five years hard labour.

The teachers and administrators of the school are fired and banished to remote parts of the country to work in mines.

Few days back, a boy was caught watching porn and his family was jailed.

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