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In a bizarre incident of Uttar Pradesh, a village panchayat in Rampur district held a lucky draw to select a groom for a girl who had allegedly eloped with four men. The Panchayat members claimed that even the girl was not sure about whom she should marry among the four.

All the four youths who ran away with the girl belong to a village under Azimnagar police station and the girl is a resident of Tanda police station area.

They hid the girl for almost two days at their relatives’ place and then they had to return back to the village after the matter came out in public. In the meantime, her parents who had decided to file a police complaint were stopped by the villagers from doing so.

The Panchayat held several rounds of talks with all the four men separately to convince them to marry the girl, but no one was ready to reach a consensus. The matter was stretched to three days. As per the Panchayat, the girl was also confused about choosing her life partner.

Then, panchayat decided to conduct a lucky draw. Four slips were made with names of four youths written over them and a child was asked to pick one slip.

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