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After the video of YouTuber and comedian Shyam Rangeela mimicking Narendra Modi while talking about the petrol price hike went viral, a complaint has been registered against him by the petrol pump owner where he shot the video.

Shyam Rangeela had uploaded a video on February 16 which had over 1 million views on YouTube and over 49000 likes on Twitter. In the video, he can be seen mimicking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and talking about the skyrocketing price of diesel and petrol. He shot the video in the Sriganganagar petrol pump in Rajasthan.

The comedian has uploaded another video where he stated, “My motive was not to hurt anyone’s feelings. I only made a comedy video. If someone’s feelings are hurt then, I am ready to apologize. I only made a video about the rising petrol prices in Sriganganagar, so that the government can give some relief.” He had refused to remove the video and uploaded another video in connection to the complaint.

Suresh Agarwal, the owner of the Sriganganagar petrol pump lodged a complaint against Shyam Rangeela on Friday. He accused the comedian of cheating. He claimed that Rangeela lied about his profession to seek permission to shoot the video.

The complainant has claimed that Rangeela told him that he is a journalist by profession and wants to click some pictures at the petrol pump. He further added that the incident was of the busy hours of the day, the petrol pump employees didn’t notice.

It was reported that Agarwal had filed the complaint under the extreme pressure of the private petroleum company for whom he has been working. There were few other reports where it was told that the private company had threatened the owner of cancelling his dealership if he’ll not file the complaint.

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