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Recently, the Delhi High Court directed Mint newspaper to take down an article against YouTuber Gaurav Taneja and his wife Ritu Rathee. The article was penned and published by Shephali Bhatt on May 8 this year where the columnist had accused a couple of child abuse.

The 10-minute video then goes on to show the daughter howling and writhing in pain while the camera zooms in on her,” Shephali had written. She had accused him of misogyny, child abuse, and other offences in connection to the video that he posted in which he was seen piercing the ears of his daughter.

However, the High court bench granted to Gaurav Taneja and Ritu Rathee while observing, “Piercing the ears of a girl child cannot be termed as child abuse. Allegations of child abuse are serious allegations and cannot be made without due care and verification. It cannot be based on the opinions of the author.”

The bench added, “Vicious attacks on a person’s character cannot be made in the name of journalistic freedom and free speech. In my opinion, nothing in the aforementioned videos substantiates allegations of child abuse.

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