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A writ petition has been moved by a lawyer against Secretary-General and Registry of the Supreme Court alleging them of giving preference to the influential lawyers and litigants over ordinary lawyers while listing matters for hearing. The matter is listed for June 18.

Lawyer Reepak Kansal has stated in his petition that the top court has to issue new guidelines and direct the Registry to stop discriminating against the ordinary lawyers and giving preferential treatment to the known lawyers and litigants. The petition also sought that the litigants must not be humiliated and are equally treated instead of going for pick and choose policy.

“There are many petitioners/lawyers have been suffering by unequal treatment by the Registry as the cases filed by some law firms/influential lawyers are immediately listed by Registry ignoring the cases of ordinary petitioner/lawyers,” stated the petition filed by Reepak Kansal.

The petitioner-in-person stated that the Registry has pointed out 2 defects including non-payment of court fee and failure to file the annexure in one of his writ petitions filed on April 17. To which he clarified that he had paid the court fee and there were no annexures in the plea. The plea states that the petitioner was forced to pay more fees to get the matter listed.

The registry had not uploaded another petition filed by the lawyer on May 12 followed by another one on May 19.

The lawyer has cited the example of Arnab Goswami’s matter for a comparison. He said that the Arnab Goswami’s matter for quashing the FIRs was filed at 8.07 PM and was listed for hearing on the very next day just within an hour.

The petition states that there is no proper mechanism for the redressal of complaints against the erring officer of the Registry who favors some law firm /advocate for reason best known to them. The petitioner has also written a letter to the Secretary-General addressing the discriminatory practices followed by the Registry while listing matters for hearing.

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