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On 16 March, the Hindu Dharma Parishad has filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court, seeking a ban on all the protests, either for or against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019.

The petition filed under Article 32 of the Indian Constitution has further sought the Supreme Court for the issue of any appropriate directions, to make strict rules and form guidelines against the agitation and procession by political parties or any organizations, either religious or non-religious, across the country. It further contends that an Act passed by the Parliament must be accepted by all the citizens and should be enforced by all the states.

Citing that the Citizenship Amendment Act was implemented for the interest of our nation to take strong action on the terrorists and anti-social elements, the petition contends that “for the past several years, terrorism has been spreading all over India and explosion sounds have been heard every day. Lakhs and lakhs of other national people have been crossed into Indian boundaries and have started to live in India.”

“The Illegal migrants’ population has been increased more than the people living in Assam. The Assamese people’s culture is being spoiled and the West Bengal people’s identity has also been spoiled. The entire nation’s culture has been spoiled,” added the petitioner.

Further, citing the length and values enshrined in the Constitution repeatedly, the petitioner argues that once the Parliament has passed an Act on a particular issue, the States cannot make laws with respect to the same matter.

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