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The Indian Medical Association, India’s largest association of Doctors has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding clarification on the statements allegedly made by Modi claiming that big pharmaceutical companies bribe doctors with women, foreign trips and gadgets.

As per reports, a meeting was organized on 2 January in New Delhi, after a non-governmental organization ‘Support for Advocacy and Training to Health’ submitted a report stating that the medical representatives of pharma companies use immoral means to win favors from the doctors. While addressing the issue to the chiefs of top pharma companies, like Zydus Cadila, Torrent Pharmaceuticals and Wockhardt, Modi allegedly warned them to adhere strictly to marketing ethics and not to bribe doctors with women, gadgets or foreign tours.

Taking a strong exception to the alleged statement by Modi the IMA has asked the Prime Minister office to clarify the details of such a meeting and if such a statement was made by the prime minister. Subsequently, the IMA has issued a statement demanding to know if the government had details of the companies involved in supplying women to the doctors as alleged by PM Modi. The letter further stated that “If the surmise of the Prime Minister is based on unverified information, it is only appropriate that he apologizes to the doctors of the country.”

“The state medical councils should initiate appropriate action if the doctors have been convicted of moral turpitude. Further, the government is using this as an excuse to divert the attention from unresolved issues regarding the health of the people and medical education of the country,” the letter reads.

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