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Dismissing all the rumours regarding the Income Tax probe, Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh tweeted the ‘letter of appreciation’ issued by the Ministry of Finance for his contributions. Diljit Dosanjh has been hitting the headlines after his Twitter word war with Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and his stand in connection to the ongoing farmers’ protests.

The outspoken actor and singer took to Twitter, “Jee Tan Ni C Karda Par Ah Lao.. Aj Haalat Eh Ban Gaye aa Ke Apne Aap Nu BHARAT DA NAGRIK HON DA V SABOOT DENA PEY RIHA .. Eni Hate Eni Nafarat Na Failao Buggey.. Havaa Ch Teer ni Chalaide.. Edar Odar Vajj Jande Hunde aa (I wasn’t feeling like but here it is — The circumstances are such that I have to now give a proof of my Indian citizenship. Don’t spread hate. Don’t target aimlessly, it can hurt others too).”

In another tweet, Diljit wrote, “Ah Lao Fadh Lao Mera PLATINUM CERTIFICATE ‘In Recognition of the Contribution Towards Building THIS GREAT NATION’ Twitter Te Beh Ke Apne Aap Nu Desh Bhakt Dasan NAAL Tusi Desh Bhakt Ni Ban Jande.. Odey Lai Kam Karna Penda (One doesn’t need to sit on Twitter and prove they are a patriot, one needs to work towards it).”

He shared the “Platinum Certificate” which recognizes his remarkable contribution towards building the economy and stated, “We appreciate the taxpayer, in the Platinum category, in recognition of the contribution towards building this great Nation.”

The singer also expressed his anger towards the people who spread false news. He censured all the trolls and tweeted, “Sara Din Vehle Twitter Te Bethe False News Banaun Nu.. Banda Apne Kam Ch Busy Hunda.. Ena Nu Mauka Mil Janda Kahanian Banaun Da.. Fikar Na Kareya Karo.. Baba Sab Dekhda.. Jo Jehda Kar Da Kari Jaan Deo.. Ena Vechareya Da Kam Hee eh aa .. Eh V Ki Karn (The entire day they have nothing else to do but spread false news. A person is busy with their work and they get an opportunity to spread canards. But God is seeing everything. But this is their work, what can they do).”

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