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In one of the rarest cases, the Pune court has directed a 73-year-old wife to pay Rs 25,000 per month in interim alimony to her 83-year-old former husband. After being married for over 55 years, the couple filed for divorce in 2018.

Family Court Judge Raghavendra Aradhye allowed the petitioner’s request to seek divorce and alimony while noting that he doesn’t have a permanent source of income.

The husband is a director of an educational institution and the wife is the president of the same educational institute. They have two daughters who are married.

He also stated that he was constantly harassed by his wife to leave the institute as well as their home. The petitioner took good care when his wife when she fell ill. She allegedly started harassing him again as soon as she got well.

He was suffering from diabetes and heart disease. The doctor has advised him to take good care of himself. He claimed that his wife forbade him to eat at home.

If the husband has no source of income and his wife is earning and there are ongoing family disputes between them, then the husband can also file a claim for alimony under Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955,” said Vaishali Chandane, advocate representing the petitioner.

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