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In a viral video, Congress MLA Joginder Pal is seen slapping and assaulting a youth who asked him about what work he has done in his constituency in the last 4.5 years. The incident may affect the upcoming Assembly elections in Punjab.

MLA Joginder Pal was addressing the crowd in a white kurta under a tent in Bhoa in Pathankot district. He was speaking at a religious event.

As he was speaking, a young man in a dark brown shirt can be heard muttering. Pal looked at him but then ignored him. Initially, a policeman held his arm to quietly lead him away.

But the man kept questioning the MLA about his performance. “What have you really done?” he asked.

Joginder Pal invited the man to come up front, handed him the microphone, and then gave several brutal blows on his face and head. Shockingly, the policeman who earlier led the man away, also joined the mob to assault the youth.

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