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On Wednesday, a Delhi court has allowed Safoora Zargar who was booked under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act during the North East Delhi riots case, to visit her maternal home for two months for proper nourishment of her newborn, post-partum care and customs.

The Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat allowed Safoora to visit her maternal home in Haryana, from Thursday, after the prosecution did not cite any objections to the same. Further, the court directed her to ‘drop­-a-­pin’ on Google maps, so that the Investigating Officer can verify her presence and the location.

After the Delhi High Court granted bail to Safoora on humanitarian grounds on 23 June, as she was 23-weeks pregnant then, she gave birth to a child on 12 October 2020.

Advocate Ritesh Dubey, appearing for Zargar, submitted to the court that she was in her recovery mode and has to provide the role of primary caregiver to her child.

“She has to be taken care of in order to rebuild her strength and thus, she wants to visit her maternal home for proper nursing of her child for a period of two months. She is not a flight risk and is ready to abide by any condition imposed by this court,” Dubey said.

Special Public Prosecutor Amit Prasad, appearing for the police said he did not have any objection to it and the necessary conditions maybe imposed by the court.

Subsequently, the court allowed Safoora to visit her maternal home while directing her to diligently observe all the bail conditions imposed on her by the Delhi High Court and to appear during court hearings either physically or through Webex, as per the court’s directions.

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