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Supreme Court has directed the Punjab government and Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) to maintain the status quo on the water supply to Delhi till Friday.

The order was issued by the apex court bench headed by Chief Justice of India S A Bobde.

Delhi Jal Board has filed an application raising the concern that Punjab was going to close certain canal gates for repair works, which will cut down the water supply to Delhi by at least 25%.

Delhi depends on the supply of Yamuna water and with the upcoming summer season, reduction in the water supply can spell the trouble. The petitioner has requested to put a stay on the BBMB project.

Advocate Gautam Narayan, appearing for DJB submitted that the board’s officers had visited the place and proposed that repair be delayed. “The repair work can be delayed till monsoons. Or they should make some alternative source of water available,” he said.

Another petition was filed by DJB in Supreme court alleging that Haryana is releasing polluted untreated water in the river which is leading to the high ammonia levels.

Senior counsel AM Singhvi submitted before the court, “the issue was a minor repair to the Ghaghra channel. Many letters have been sent by the DJB to Punjab and Haryana on the issue but have not received a proper response.”

Replying to the petition, Senior advocate Shyam Divan appearing for Haryana government submitted that the state had not stopped any water supply. He further added that there is no project of the Haryana government.

To which the DJP lawyer clarified that though the project is in Punjab, Haryana is downstream and controls water supply to Delhi. Therefore, the state is a necessary party to the case.

The notices have been served to Punjab, Haryana, and BBMB seeking their reply to the DJB petitions. The matter will now be heard on Friday, March 26.

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