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The Supreme Court granted bail to S Tiwari, who was accused by the Gujarat Narcotics Bureau near Porbandar sea in Gujarat, in 2017, for allegedly possessing 1,445 kilograms of banned narcotic substances in 1,526 packets.

It is alleged that during questioning, Tiwari, had reportedly admitted that he along with others have allegedly carried contraband substance in the nature of narcotics in a ship in Porbandar sea.

A two-judge bench comprising of Justices L Nageshwar Rao and Deepak Gupta granted bail to Tiwari upon furnishing a bail bond of Rs 10 Lakhs.

“We direct that the appellant, S Tiwari, be released on bail with a bail bond of Rs 10 lakhs, and two sureties of the like amount to the satisfaction of the Special Judge, NDPS, Court at Porbandar,” stated the bench.

The court has further directed the appellant, Tiwari to deposit his passport, cell phone number to the respective authorities in the court and the police station and further allowed him to stay either in Porbandar or Kolkata. They further asserted that Tiwari shall not in any manner hamper or try to interfere in the investigation and once the trial begins, he shall not in any manner try to delay the trial. On violation of such terms, the NCB shall be entitled to straight away apply to the Special Judge for cancellation of his bail.

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