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Punjab and Haryana High Court dismissed a petition filed by a couple seeking police protection, upon finding their claims unbelievable. The couple who were living in a live-in-relationship despite being married to other persons had claimed that they are receiving death threats.

Justice Arvind Singh Sangwan noted that the petitioners had filed the petition just to obtain a seal of this Court on their so-called live-in-relationship.

“On the face of it, both the petitioners, without seeking divorce from their respective spouses, are living a lustful and adulterous life with each other and have relied upon a totally vague document i.e. representation. Wherein it is nowhere stated that from whom, they are apprehending threat to their life and liberty,” said Justice Sangwan.

The petitioners submitted in the court that they were in a romantic relationship with each other while still being legally married to other people. They have also stated that they have been living together for the last one month.

The couple had also filed a representation before Superintendent of Police, Kaithal wherein it was mentioned that they apprehend the harm from “aforementioned persons”. However, the High Court bench found that neither the representation nor the petition clarified about who these “aforementioned persons” were.

“In the absence of any allegation by not naming anyone in the representation, it cannot be presumed that both the petitioners have any apprehension from their own spouses. On the face of it, the representation (Annexure P-4) appears to be a fake document as no receipt or diary number of the office of Superintendent of Police, Kaithal is given or attached,” noted the High Court bench.

The woman had filed for divorce on the grounds of desertion and neglect. However, it was noted that the claims made in the protection plea filed by the woman and her live-in partner were in sharp contrast to the divorce petition.

Therefore, the bench dismissed the petition stating that there is no reason to believe that the petitioner’s life and liberty are under threat.

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