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Shabnam is likely to be the first female prisoner in India to be hanged to death since Independence. She was convicted of murdering 7 of her family members brutally with an axe along with her lover Salim.

Preparations have been started in the jail and the hanging house has been inspected twice. Pawan Jallad, who hanged Nirbhaya’s convicts, will hang her and her lover. However, the date of hanging is still to be decided.

In 2008, Shabnam, who lives in Amroha, along with her lover brutally murdered seven of her family members. The Supreme Court convicted both of them and sentenced them to be hanged till death. Her mercy petition was rejected by the President.

Mathura jail was built 150 years back but no woman was hanged since independence.

Senior Jail Superintendent Shailendra Kumar Maitreya told that all the preparations are done and she will be hanged as soon as the death warrant is issued.

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