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Haridwar Hate Assembly is an incident that has led to massive public outrage and has been condemned not only in India but around the world too. Multiple FIRs have been filed against the hatemongers who gave an open call for the murder of 20 lakh Muslims in India, but no arrests have been made yet.

On Tuesday, Hindu ascetics, who had issued chilling calls for Muslim genocide and ethnic cleansing, filed a counter FIR. It was recorded and went viral over the internet. The video led to outrage as the complainants and the cop were seen bursting into laughter.

The complainants included the main accused in Haridwar Hate Meet – Yati Narsinghanand, Sadhvi Annapurna also known as Pooja Shakun Pandey, and others. They have allegedly lodged an FIR against the Quran, maulvis of Haridwar and other unnamed Muslims.

In the video, Annapurna who called for ethnic cleansing by killing 20 lakh Muslim in India, could be heard saying, “message must be sent from your end that you (the police) are not biased. You are a constitutional officer and you are equal to everyone. We expect this from you and may you always be blessed.”

To which, Yati Narsinghanand replied, “Why ask him to be neutral. He is one of us. It’s obvious that he will be on our side.”

Then all of them burst into laughter. Netizens called it a shameless laughter and disgusting mockery of the democracy and legal system of India.

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