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In a shocking incident, Bihar Police in Muzaffarpur district were caught on camera throwing the body of an accident victim into the the river instead of taking it to the hospital. The police tried to dispose of the body directly at the site of the incident. The inhumane act of the police was recorded and the video went viral on the internet on Sunday (October 8).

The incident took place in the Fakuli area of Muzaffarpur. The unidentified man succumbed to his injuries in an accident on National Highway 22.

The police didn’t take the body to the hospital for post-mortem. Rather they tossed the body in an extremely inhumane manner into the river with the use of sticks.

As the video went viral, the police retrieved the dead body in the night and sent it for post-mortem examination.

Though the police claimed that they only threw the parts of the body that were stuck on the road into the river, the video clearly shows that they threw the whole body.

The district’s Superintendent of Police has issued a statement assuring that strict action will be taken against the guilty police officers as per the investigation.

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