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Supreme Court lawyer named Mehmood Pracha from Aligarh has planned a sit-in protest against CAA-NRC at the Iggah grounds on August 15. Pracha is expected to be joined by three Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) students who have also participated in the previous CAA protests.

“The anti-CAA, anti-NRC protests had stopped in the view of the coronavirus outbreak that was spreading across the world, including India. Now, we are at an advance stage of unlocking and the central government is encouraging all activities to restart and issuing guidelines for the same. Hence the movement that was stalled due to coronavirus lockdown can be resumed as well,” said Pracha.

Mehmood Pracha has addressed the media that as the unlock stage has been started in the country and government has allowed the recommence of almost all the activities. He further added that the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens should also start again. Pracha has planned to visit various cities to support the rallies against CAA and NRC.

Social activists group had written to the administration about the possible disruption in the district following the announcement made by SC lawyer Pracha. They have also mentioned that few media houses are in contact with those three students and are ready to collude with them. Ex-Mayor of Aligarh, Shakuntala Bharti has asked the AMU vice-chancellor Tariq Mansoor to stay alert.

“Covid-19 has already disrupted the cycle of life for the middle class and the poor. The businesses across the country are going bankrupt. Everybody is busy trying to protect himself from the virus and at this time, these miscreants are raising the specter of CAA/NRC yet again,” tells social activist Aamir Qureshi.

AMU vice-chancellor Tariq Mansoor has stated that they are going to keep a check that no students will participate in the anti-national activities in order to make sure that the institution’s image is not tarnished.

SC advocate has also cited the permission granted to Jagannath Yatra while denied to Muharram processions. Pracha has also contended that exemption that can be exercised for one religion can be applied for other religions too.

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