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In a horrifying case of domestic violence, a woman from Maharashtra’s Thane district was caught on CCTV camera while she was assaulting her aged mother-in-law. The video goes viral on the internet.

A case has been registered against the woman under Section 336, Section 337, Section 323, Section 504 and Section 506 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Police Assures Necessary Action

Thane police took note of the viral video and stated that it will take necessary action.

“Thank you for contacting Thane City Police. Your information has been reported to Senior Police Inspector, Kopri Police Station for necessary action,” Thane City Police responded to the video shared by a social activist on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Social activist Binu Varghese tagged the authorities and shared the video stating, “#Daughter-in-law Mercilessly Beats Elderly #Mother-in-law, Komal Lalit Dayaramani (53-year-old) working at United India Insurance Co. Ltd, Kapurbawdi verbally abused, Bites and Beats up Mother-in-law at her residence in Siddharth Nagar, Kopri, Thane East. Exclusive CCTV footage of the incident. Kopri Police not registering FIR.”

Woman Seen Brutally Beats Elderly Mother-In-Law

In the viral video, the woman can be seen thrashing and dragging the elderly woman while trying to throw her out of the house. She was hurling the abuse on the woman and was asking her to leave the house. The aged woman responded to her daughter-in-law with abuses.

The elderly woman was sitting on the sofa and the daughter-in-law started beating and dragging her. The victim, Komal Lalit can be seen lying on the floor while in pain. The daughter-in-law kept assaulting her.

Besides both of them, there was another woman in the video, who appeared to be the househelp. She didn’t intervene.

The disturbing incident of elder abuse in Thane is a stark reminder of the urgent need to address and prevent such acts of violence within our society. It underscores the need for increased awareness, support, and legal measures to protect vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly, from harm and ensure their well-being.

This is just one incident. There are plenty of such cases where some women have been misusing the laws that are made to protect them. This shows us that domestic violence has no gender and anyone can be the victim of it.

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