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On 30 December, the Railway Board Chairman, Vinod Kumar Yadav pointed out that around Rs 80 crore worth railway property was damaged during protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, across the country. He further clarified that the damage will be recovered from those found involved in arson and violence.

“There has been damage to railway property worth Rs 80 crore during anti-CAA protests. Of this, the Eastern Railway suffered damage worth Rs 70 crore and the damage suffered by the Northeast Frontier Railway was worth Rs 10 crore. It was the preliminary estimate and the figure could go up after the final analysis,” Vinod said.

Since the Citizenship (Amendment) Act was passed by Parliament, protests broke out in several parts of the country which involved violent clashes between the agitators and police. The protestors went on damaging various public properties which include burning buses and train coaches.

“Law and order are a state subject and they are working on it. Recoveries will be made,” Vinod asserted. He cautioned that the protesters will be identified through video clips and CCTV footage.

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