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Though we have evolved a lot in the field of science and technology, superstitious beliefs have still gripped our minds. In a shocking incident of Jalandhar, a tuition teacher married her 13-year old student to overcome the Manglik Dosha in her Kundli. The incident is of Basti Bawa Khel area of Jalandhar.

The woman submitted before the police that her parents were distressed as she was not getting married as per the ‘Manglik Dosha’ in her birth chart. Their family priest had told them that the woman will have to marry a minor boy to get rid of the ‘Manglik Dosha’.

A 13-year-old boy who was her student was chosen to be her groom. The tuition teacher contacted the family of the minor and informed them that the boy is required to stay at her home for a week of tuitions.

The incident came to light when the victim returned back and narrated the whole incident to his parents. The victim’s family then filed a complaint in the Basti Bawa Khel Police Station.

In the complaint, it is alleged that the woman teacher forcibly performed all the marriage rituals including the Haldi ceremony. They even performed the Suhagrat (wedding night). The woman was also declared a widow after breaking her bangles. Surprisingly, the family has also conducted the condolence meeting to complete the whole process.

The minor’s family also alleged that the victim was forced to do the household chores.

As per the investigation, the woman rushed to the police station and tried to hush up the matter. The victim’s family was allegedly forced to withdraw the complaint.

Station House Officer of Basti Bawa Khel Police Station Gagandeep Singh Sekhon said the complaint was registered but following the compromise between the two parties, the complaint was withdrawn.

However, the senior police officials took cognizance of the matter and have ordered a probe into the matter. DSP Jalandhar Gurmeet Singh told the sources that the victim boy was a minor and keeping him in confinement was illegal.

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