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A Civil Court in Bihar’s Chapra district has acquitted two persons who were reportedly convicted for murdering a woman after the police found the murdered victim alive.

As per reports, in May 2019 a woman named Sweety Devi from Kakarhat village told her in-laws that she was visiting her parents’ home in the Bajitpur village. However, Sweety and her seven-year-old son disappeared and never reached Bajitpur.

“Two days after the disappearance of Sweety, a woman was found murdered on the banks of the Dabra river near Hakma village,” said Indrajeet Baidha, the sub-divisional police officer (SDPO) of Marhaura.

When Sweety’s father Vijay Singh was called for identification, he identified the dead body as Sweety through her anklets. Singh also blamed Sweety’s in-laws for the murder.

Subsequently, after the allegations, the then investigating officer Shivnath Ram arrested two persons, including a woman on the charge of murder.

However, soon after Indrajeet Baidha (SDPO) of Marhaura took the charge, he detected certain missing elements in the case and suspected that the dead body of the woman that was identified by her father was not the actual victim and there were no whereabouts of her 7-year-old son.

“As it was a missing link, I changed the investigating officer of the case and handed over to Vikas Kumar, the SHO of the Bheldi police station. We suspected that the anklets could not be a conclusive way of identification. During the investigation, it came to light that Sweety had gone to Mumbai. However, her location was not established. A police team from Bheldi police station mounted surveillance on Sweety’s family, and from the local intelligence, came to know about her returning to Muzaffarpur via the Pawan express train. Subsequently, a trap was laid and police nabbed her along with minor son on Friday,” Baitha said.

“We presented her in the civil court, which immediately gave the order of acquittal to the two persons who had been languishing in the jail for the past one and half years,” he added.

According to the sources, Sweety got married to one Manbodh Kumar in 2008. He was mentally unstable. The two acquitted persons are Kumar’s elder brother and his wife.

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