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In a shocking incident of Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, two sisters belonging to the same community have allegedly been harassed and divorced after one of them failed to pass a virginity test.

The two women from Kanjarbhat community were married in the same community and were forced to undergo virginity tests. When one of them failed the ‘white sheet’ virginity test, they were allegedly harassed and sent back home by their in-laws.

The duo had lodged a complaint against their husbands, mother-in-laws, and some involved members of Jat Panchayat who boycotted them.

The woman who was married to Sandeep Kanjarbhat failed the virginity test and her in-laws hatched the plan to send both the sisters back to their maternal home.

As per the complaint, Sandeep’s mother Shobha started torturing her daughter-in-law for two days by pinching her and hitting her on the face. Following the incident, the Jat Panchayat ordered the two women to be boycotted.

“About the virginity test, they asked us to get ready and have dinner. Their relatives were present at the spot. The beds were ready with white sheets but I had no idea they were planning this. I didn’t bleed so they alleged that I wasn’t a good character. My husband used to threaten me that he will ask someone to rape me in Belgaum. My husband said if I have any self-pride left I should go home or die by suicide or they will force me to die by suicide,” the woman said in the complaint.

They also alleged that their in-laws demanded Rs 10 lakh from the families of the both complainants.

“Later in the month of February, the community panchayat met at a temple and in the presence of our-in laws, declared that we have been divorced,” the complainant said.

They have also approached the Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti to help them.

“These men did not like the two girls in the first place. They have physically exploited the girls and hence, a rape case is a must. Virginity test is such a deplorable act. In order to restore the respect of women, such indecent acts and such community panchayats need to be finished and we have to put forward our appeal to the government for the same,” said Sujata Maytre, a member of the Samiti.

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