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In a bizarre incident, an unemployed man went to the Bansdroni station in South Kolkata and made a false confession that he murdered his brother.

“I killed my brother, arrest me,” the man said. He took the police to the alleged crime spot where they saw a pillow on the face of his brother.

However, the postmortem report revealed that he was not murdered but died due to a cerebral stroke.

Reportedly, the deceased man feared that his brother would die due to starvation. Therefore, before dying he asked him to go to the police station to surrender before the police and tell a story of the murder.

The elder brother had allegedly told him that if he’ll get life imprisonment, he would be able to live and eat in jail for life at the government’s expense. The police is investigating if Shubhashis was suffering from any mental illness.

As per the police, 48-year-old Debashis Chakraborty used to live with his younger brother Subhashis. The incident took place in Niranjan Palli of Bansdroni. Their mother was an employee at Ceramics Institute in Jadavpur and their father had already died.

The mother was getting a Rs 35,000 pension. The deceased and eldest son, Debashis used to work in the same company. During that time, his eyes got damaged. He started getting Rs 15,000 per month as a pension. Subhashis has been unemployed since 2017.

They were living in a rented flat in Sonali Park in Bansdroni, South Kolkata. They left the flat after the death of their mother as the pension was discontinued. They started living in Niranjan Palli to run the family for Rs 15,000.

His grandfather was also not keeping well. Debashish said that after his death it would be hard for Subhashis to survive as Rs 15,000 pension will also be stopped. Therefore, he’ll not have money to stay and eat. So, he gave him the idea to falsely confess about the murder.

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