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The decision of City Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Aishwarya Dongre to punish a woman civil police officer (CPO) by transferring her to the traffic duty for two days was highly condemned by the public. The reason behind the punishment is the major thing that led to controversy and condemnation.

The woman constable who is appointed as the civil police officer in Kochi failed to identify the DCP Aishwarya Dongre when she came in civil dress. CPO blocked her way and questioned her as per the normal protocol. She also asked the newly appointed Dongre the reason behind her visit.

DCP Aishwarya Dongre irked over the incident stated that how can she not identify me even after I came in an official vehicle.

City Police Commissioner Nagaraju C H has warned her not to repeat such actions and stated, “She is a young officer. She might have resorted to such an action because of her inexperience. We have advised her not to repeat it.”

“Already, the police personnel are burdened with a lot of work and the kind of action taken by the DCP against a woman civil police officer for a flimsy reason will affect the morale of the low-ranking police personnel in the force,” said Nagaraju.

The matter was taken up by the Kerala Police Association and also with the CPM leadership submitting that the constable cannot be blamed for not identifying DCP in plain clothes. They further stated that the CPO was doing her duty by stopping and questioning her about the reason to visit the police station.

KPA also stated that Aishwarya Dangre took charge of the police station two weeks back. So, most of the police personnel in the city are not familiar with her.

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