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After the extremist IS group claimed responsibility for the tragic Kabul airport blast, the US has conducted an airstrike against an ISIS planner on Saturday.

“US military forces conducted an over-the-horizon counterterrorism operation today against an ISIS-K planner. The unmanned airstrike occurred in the Nangahar Province of Afghanistan. Initial indications are that we killed the target. We know of no civilian casualties,” stated Central Command spokesperson Captain Bill Urban.

Heart wrenching videos and images after two blasts in Kabul airport left everyone in shock. Hundreds of bodies were flowing in the sewage canal where they’ve been waiting to be evacuated.

Pentagon and Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health have confirmed the death of over 170 including 28 Taliban fighters and 13 US service members.

Saw Doomsday

“I saw bodies and body parts flying in the air like a tornado taking plastic bags … into the air. I saw bodies, body parts, elderly and injured men, women, and children scattered in the blast site. I saw doomsday. Dead bodies and wounded were lying in the road and in the sewage canal. The little water flowing into it had turned into blood,” said a former employee of an international development group who spent 10 hours in the queue for evacuation.

Two Bombing Attacks

On Thursday, one massive explosion occurred at the Kabul airport’s Abbey Gate and another one near Baron Hotel. Other than the explosion, gunfire was also reported at the spot. One of the two explosions appeared to be from a suicide bombing.

For over a week, US officials have been warning the people to leave the airport as the threat of a terror attack at the airport was becoming more acute.

ISIS-K Claims It Targeted US Troops And Their Afghan Allies

Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K) claimed the responsibility behind the attack and submitted that it targeted American troops and their Afghan allies. The ISIS branch shared a photo of what the militant group said was the bomber who carried out the attack. The image shows the alleged attacker standing with the explosive belt in front of the black IS flag with a black cloth covering his face, only his eyes showing.

We’ll Make You Pay: Joe Biden

American President Joe Biden Thursday ordered US flags to fly at half-staff across the country. He has directed the Pentagon to plan to strike ISIS-K, the Islamic State affiliate that claimed responsibility. “We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay,” said Biden.

He vowed to complete the evacuation of American citizens and others from Afghanistan and has not indicated any change in the August 31 US pullout target. Marine Corps General Frank McKenzie, head of the US military’s Central Command has expected such attacks in future as well.

US’s Final Exist After 20 Years

Over 101,300 people have been evacuated since the end of July.

Over 97,500 people have been evacuated since August 14.

US military and NATO allies are working on the evacuation of people and about to wind down the process, ahead of the US’s August 31 deadline for the final exit from a 20-year war in Afghanistan.

ISIS vs Taliban Rivalry

The extremist IS group considers the Taliban traitorous for agreeing to a peace deal with the United States in February 2020. ISIS-K calls Afghan Taliban filthy nationals who are ambitions only to form a government confined to the boundaries of Afghanistan.

In February 2020, the Trump administration struck an agreement with the Taliban to halt attacks on Americans in exchange for a US agreement to remove all American troops and contractors by May 2021.

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