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In a shocking incident of Vadodara, Rajasthan, a man has sought a divorce from his wife after she didn’t reveal that she is on her periods on the day of their wedding.

In the divorce petition filed by the man, it is stated that the man and his mother were in huge shock after they came to know that the woman is menstruating at the time of their wedding. He claimed in his petition that his wife told him about her periods just before entering into a temple for a ceremony after the wedding was completed. They claimed that their faith is violated over the issue.

The man works in a private company while the woman is a teacher by profession. They got married in January this year.

In the divorce petition, it is also mentioned that the woman kept demanding money and unaffordable luxuries.

He further added that she even refused him to contribute to family expenses citing the reason that his elder brother is already taking care of the house. She allegedly asked him to pay her Rs 5,000 every month. The woman also asked him to install AC that the man cannot afford and which led to a dispute between the two. She left the house after the argument and the man somehow convinced her to come back.

The man also alleged that during a dispute she even said that she would have slept with 10 other men on her wedding night had she known that the man won’t be able to afford luxuries for her. She threatened him to commit suicide if he didn’t fulfill her demands.

She kept quarreling and going to her parents’ home. Following every effort to save the relationship going in vain, the man finally decided to get divorced.

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