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Citing the long delay of almost two years in his appointment as judge, Justice P V Kunhikrishnan, who was sworn in as Kerala High Court judge on 13 February, stated that the waiting period was really painful.

Addressing at the swearing-in function, Justice Kunhikrishnan mentioned that although the High Court collegium has recommended his name on 7 March 2018 and further the Supreme Court collegium has recommended his name on 9 October 2018, he had to wait for two long years to get his name cleared.

“I believe in the constitutional authorities of our country. Appointment to constitutional posts takes time. But this waiting period is really painful,” Justice Kunhikrishnan stated. “Waiting for two years is really disturbing, especially when you are not aware of the reason for the delay in the appointment,” he added.

During his speech, Justice Kunhikrishnan has further recalled an earlier instance wherein the appointments of persons, primed to become judges were stalled due to undisclosed reasons. However, referring to a few cases, he added that it later came to light that the political affiliations of the nominees were cited as reasons to block their appointment. He went on to explain a similar experience he had faced during the time of his appointment as an additional judge, although it was not motivated by ill-will.

“I faced all these problems and it happened not because of any ill-will towards me from my dear friends. This is the usual procedure followed by all lawyers. Now, when you face these problems personally, we will understand the gravity of the same.”

Furthermore, he also requested the lawyers to refrain from commenting or questioning the behavior of persons who are recommended for the judgeship, as to “When will your appointment order will come? Where is your file now? Are you appearing in Courts now? Never show unnecessary respect for them.”

“Always encourage them to appear in cases and to continue their vigor of advocacy. Never give publicity, especially to the lower court lawyers, that the candidate stopped practicing as a lawyer because he is going to become a Judge,” he further added.

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