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A 22-year old woman from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh has made some shocking revelations that she suffered a miscarriage due to medical negligence. She and her husband were held under the recently introduced law against religious conversions, also termed as “anti love-jihad law”.

The woman was taken to a shelter home after being held under the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance, 2020. The woman named Pinki has alleged that she has been tortured at the Nari Niketan.

The UP police arrested the man named Rashid and his brother on December 5 when Bajrang Dal people handed over them to the police. Pinki who became Muskan Jahan after a religious conversion, alleged that they were beaten by a group of over 15 people and she was then taken to the shelter home. Pinki was three months pregnant at the time of the arrest.

She told the media houses that she was tortured in the shelter home and had sudden abdominal pain. She was taken to the hospital where she was given some injections after which she started bleeding lightly.

“Two days later, I was given four more injections. I started bleeding heavily. I miscarried. Since then, the bleeding has not stopped,” Pinki said.

“The doctors knew about my miscarriage. An ultrasound check-up was also done. Initially, they said that the foetus is fine. Then they administered an injection following which my health deteriorated. I started bleeding and my condition turned quite serious,” the woman further added.

Meanwhile, authorities have denied the allegations and told that the foetus is fine. Acting Chief Medical Superintendent and senior gynecologist Nirmala Pathak refuted the allegations and said, “That’s a wrong allegation. When she had come in with pain in the abdomen and slight bleeding, we had administered Ethamsylate injection to stop the bleeding and give her pain injection.”

Pinki and Rashid met in Dehradun. Pinki used to work at a clothing store and Rashid at a salon. The couple got married in July this year. The family of the bride’s side was against the marriage.

After living together since August, the couple decided to register their marriage. Rashid’s mother Naseem Jahan stated that they were fearing the newly introduced religious conversion law and were also under confusion in connection with the Citizenship Amendment Act. “We were shocked when Rashid told us about the wedding, but we accepted their nikah. However, we were scared that they didn’t have marriage papers. We don’t know much about the laws. So, we contacted a lawyer to get the marriage registered,” Jahan said.

The police in an official statement said that they have arrested the couple following a complaint registered by Pinki’s mother. “The mother said her daughter was forced to convert. She gave a recorded statement. It was based on this that the local police arrested them. The matter is with the court now,” stated Senior Superintendent of Police Moradabad Prabhakar Chaudhary.

When Pinki was produced before the Magistrate, Pinki submitted that she is an adult and had married in July, much before that anti love-jihad law was introduced. She expressed her wish to live with Rashid and urged the authorities to release her husband and brother-in-law.

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