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Attorney General KK Venugopal has refused to give his consent to initiate contempt proceedings against the former Chief Justice of India and Rajya Sabha lawmaker, Ranjan Gogoi over his alleged derogatory remarks against the Indian judiciary and Supreme Court.

While refusing to grant his consent, KK Venugopal stated, “I had the occasion to watch the entirety of the interview. It is obvious that all that has been said was good for the institution and will not any manner scandalise the court or lower its authority in the eyes of law.”

Activist lawyer Saket Gokhale had approached the Attorney General for his consent which is mandatory for initiating criminal contempt proceedings against former CJI Ranjan Gogoi over his statements about the judiciary and Supreme Court during an interview on February 12 this year.

Gokhale had written to AG Venugopal on February 23rd against Gogoi for insulting the Supreme Court and scandalizing and attempting to lower its dignity.

Ex-CJI Gogoi stated during the February 12th interview, “You want a 5 trillion dollar economy but you have a ramshackled judiciary. If you were to go to court, you would be only washing your dirty linen in the court, you won’t get a verdict. I have no hesitation in saying it.”

He also said, “Only corporations willing to take chances with their millions of rupees go to the Supreme Court. The judicial system has not worked for more reason than one. Unfortunately, there are many judges who are succumbing to criticism made in the media.”

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