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In the past few days, India has been making headlines for receiving summons and backlash from different Gulf nations because of the derogatory remarks by two BJP spokespersons against Prophet Mohammad.

Many Muslim countries including Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and others criticized the remarks and sought action against former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. Superstores in many of these countries have removed Indian products after a social media campaign calling for the boycott of Indian products was launched.

Then, why is Kuwait deporting Indian expats who supported their cause and protested against Nupur Sharma?

Kuwait government has announced to arrest and deport all expats including, Indian expats, who participated in the protests against Nupur Sharma for her remarks against Prophet Mohammad.

The Gulf nations are known for their strict laws, including their labour law for expats. Therefore, there is no hope left for Indian expats who held illegal demonstrations.

The expats will be deported to their respective countries as they violated the laws and regulations of Kuwait because sit-ins or demonstrations by expats are not allowed in the Gulf nation. They will be banned from entering Kuwait again.

The detectives are in the process of arresting them and referring to the deportation center to be deported to their countries and will be banned from entering Kuwait again,” wrote Arab News, an English-language daily newspaper published in Saudi Arabia.

As per 2019 stats, over 10 lakh Indian nationals are legally residing in Kuwait and the Indian community is growing at a rate of 5-6 percent per annum. The community remains the largest and the most preferred community in Kuwait.

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