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A heated verbal exchange between two judges of the Gujarat High Court left many petitioners in despair after the judges stopped the hearings midway. The clash happened in the open court.

On October 23, disagreement in a case order led to an argument between Justice Biren Vaishnav and Justice Mauna Bhatt.

Senior judge of the Gujarat High Court bench, Justice Vaishnav got irked after Justice Bhatt expressed her disagreement by murmuring in his ears.

The video clip of the verbal spat is going viral. In the video, Justice Vaishnav can be seen passing an order while Justice Bhatt disagreed with the same which she expressed through whispering.

To which Justice Vaishnav responded with anger and asked her to pass a differing order.

You differ yaar. You have differed in one matter, (so) differ here also,” he said.

Then, Justice Bhatt responded, “It isn’t a matter of differing.”

Then pass a separate order. Do not murmur,” Justice Vaishnav said.

He left the courtroom while stating that bench would not hear any further matters.

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