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Recently, a video of a man carrying his dog in the crowded hill shrine of Kedarnath has gone viral. The video was shared by Noida based vlogger Rohan Tyagi. But as the video went viral, it landed him in legal trouble.

Badrinath-Kedarnath temple committee (BKTC) has lodged an FIR against 33-year-old Rohan Tyagi for taking his husky to the Kedarnath shrine. The Committee stated that the video has hurt the religious sentiments of people and pilgrims.

The Committee considered it an objectionable and condemnable act. It was also mentioned that despite such huge security arrangements, nobody tried to stop the man from taking his dog to the shrine.

Rohan Tyagi has taken his four-and-a-half-year-old husky dog with him. In the video, he was seen helping his dog to let his paws touch the Nandi statue and then asking a temple priest to put vermillion tilak on his dog. The dog’s name is Nawab Tyagi and has over 75000 followers on Instagram.

Rohan said that he and his wife had taken two other dogs with them on the yatra including another husky named Coady and a labrador named Laila. He added that Nawab has been going to religious places with him for over the last four years.

The temple committee stated that they have been receiving a lot of complaints about overzealous bloggers shooting reels and videos in front of the Kedarnath temple which has got nothing to do with devotion.

Crores of people have faith in Baba Kedarnath, their sentiments are hurt by such activities by YouTubers and vloggers. These people have no devotion, they come here only to shoot reels and videos with Bollywood songs playing in the background. It gets in the way of pilgrims who come to seek the blessings of Baba Kedarnath,” stated Ajendra Ajay, BKTC President.

YouTubers and vloggers often visit the temples and cause difficulties in security arrangements. They stop in the middle of trek routes and start shooting reels, disrupting the journey of other pilgrims. They clearly have nothing to do with devotion,” said a senior police officer who handles security arrangements in the area.

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