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    Courts, forums and jurisdictions

    • Director-General of Foreign Trade
    • Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion
    • Foreign Investment Promotion Board
    • Reserve Bank of India
    • Secretariat for Industrial Assistance

    Legal Advice & Consultation

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    (Explore and get an insight about the law firm’s international trade law practice, fields of interest, region, steps of retention and the applicable procedure.)

    International trade law consists of rules and regulations to govern the relationships between nation-states for regulating their domestic markets in relation to international trade. B&B Associates LLP- Noida hosts an in-house team of legal and para-legal professionals efficient in undertaking activities and execute the work as per the requirements of the client concerning international trade law.

    About our International Trade Lawyers in Noida

    B&B Associates LLP- Noida assists foreign companies to route entry strategy in India for investment purposes. Our team extends expertise to businesses to sail them through various government regulations and the procedures of setting up operations in the country. With in-depth knowledge of international markets and strategies, along with being conversant in the Foreign Investment Management Act (FEMA), 1999, B&B Associates LLP- Noida provides a comprehensive solution for cross border transactions. From assisting our clients with filing, compliance, and approvals from concerned departments, such as Foreign Investment Promotion Board, Director General of Foreign Trade, among others, to guiding our clients in Industrial licensing, Government contracts, repatriation, etc., B&B provides proactive and value-laden services.

    Services offered by B&B Associates LLP in International Trade Law Matter

    • Admiralty law
    • Agency representation
    • Anti-dumping
    • Anti-circumvention laws
    • Antidumping & Safeguard Duties
    • Anti-dumping laws
    • Anti-suit & anti-arbitration injunctions
    • Arbitration & alternative dispute resolution
    • Aviation
    • Back office operations under legal outsourcing and processing
    • Contract drafting, review and vetting
    • Corporate/ company law
    • Custom clearances
    • Customized legal work and legal services
    • Customs-Trade litigation
    • Customs, excise and import & export policy
    • Competition and Anti-trust Law
    • Document classification services for responsive, non-responsive, privilege and non-privilege documents
    • Document review services
    • Drafting and Filing of PCT applications
    • Drafting and vetting of various kinds of contracts, online documentation services
    • Due Diligence and document reviewing services
    • Foreign Direct Investment
    • Foreign Exchange laws
    • Foreign investment & doing business in India
    • Franchising and Distribution Agreement
    • Handling of privileged document services
    • Import-Export Laws & Procedures
    • Infringement search for patents
    • Intellectual property law
    • International commercial agreements & related disputes
    • International finance
    • International litigation & strategy planning
    • International trade
    • International Trade & Transport
    • Legal evidence arrangement
    • Legal Knowledge Process Outsourcing
    • Legal Outsourcing and Processing Services globally
    • Legal research
    • Letters of credits
    • Marine Insurance
    • Maritime Arbitration
    • Mining laws
    • Negotiating Trade Agreements
    • Novelty Search for patents
    • Offshore legal services
    • Para Legal services
    • Patent drafting
    • Patent search services
    • Power & infrastructure
    • Process Management Outsourcing (PMO) services
    • Ship Financing
    • Shipping litigation
    • State-of-the-art search for patents
    • Telecommunication
    • Validity search for patents
    • WTO Rules & Policies

    International Trade Laws

    Steps to retain B&B Associates LLP

    1. Reserve appointment

    • Explain your matter by filling the form above and wait for a revert. If the matter needs urgent intervention, call us on +91-7710777770.

    2. Consult

    • Carry all the relevant documents on the date of appointment.
    • Truthfully and fearlessly depose to avail right guidance.
    • Know your right recourse and follow the advice.

    3. Retain

    • Discuss the scope of retention.
    • Submit documents and detailed narration.
    • Discuss important points of concern.
    • Discuss on recourse, pleadings, and arguments

    Why clients choose B&B Associates LLP in International Trade Law Matter?

    B&B Associates LLP with its manpower comprising of legal, para-legal and techno-legal professionals offers prompt and effective services and delivers the desired results for the clients as per the timeline fixed. We take pride in having served in the legal field for over 40 years and still going strong as we do not believe in compromising with the quality of our work.

    Team of B&B Associates LLP

    Golden Rules

    • Things to do at B&B
    • Things NOT to do at B&B

    **We deject un-ethical and immoral practices, and reserve our rights of extending legal services only to a select clientele which exhibits civility, faith in law, sound moral footing, and good conscience. Our legal counsels defend the ones who have falsely been implicated, and prosecute for those who have actually been victimized – in either case, our counsels reserve their right of exercising discretion in accepting or rejecting a brief/ lawsuit

    Public Dealing and Work Timings

    Mon – Fri: 10:00am to 6:00pm

    Saturday & Sunday: on prior and special request, depending on availability.

    Office Address

    #101, Tower 12, Supreme Court Bar Association Residency, Sector 99, Noida.

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    International Trade Law FAQs

    What is meant by trade balance?

    The balance of trade is the difference between the value of a country’s imports and exports for a given period.

    What are trade barriers?

    Trade barriers are government-induced restrictions on international trade.

    What is a trade war?

    A trade war is an economic conflict resulting from extreme protectionism in which states raise or create tariffs or other trade barriers against each other in response to trade barriers created by the other party.

    Who are the best International Trade Lawyers in Noida at B&B Associates LLP?

    • Mrs. Savita Bhandari – Founding Partner.
    • Dr. Rohit Samhotra – Sr. Associate
    • Mr. Ambransh Bhandari – Managing Partner
    • Mr. Paras Chugh – Sr. Associate & Head Legal Research
    • Mr. Sunny Menghi – Sr. Associate
    • Ms. Anjali Bisht – Sr. Associate

    Who is a letter of credit?

    A letter of credit is a document that guarantees the buyer’s payment to the sellers.

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