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B&B Associates LLP

A Dedicated Full-Service Law Firm

Known for trust, transparency, and efficacy, B&B Associates LLP is a team of distinguished lawyers and Advocates. Sought by an elite clientele for some of the most exigent lawsuits, B&B sets the benchmark in the legal service sector. Running third-generation of law-practice, the firm benefits from its well-preserved heirloom of legal techniques and fosters an environment of constant research & learning. Along with a team of chosen best Advocates, B&B Associates LLP is a home to law researchers, scholars, analysts, and activists who fasten an exemplary devotion towards laws & justice. With strong orators and draftsmen, the law firm pursues vigorously on the legal front and takes up matters at Chandigarh, the Supreme Court of India, the High Court of Punjab & Haryana, the High Court of Delhi, District and Session Courts at Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Delhi, Noida, Dehradun & Faridabad.

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Criminal Law

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Civil Law

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Matrimonial / Divorce

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Projects & Infrastructure

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Corporate Law

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“Our clients have been with us for decades and have bestowed an immense trust upon us. It is for such appreciation and honor that we have not only come to know their businesses but share a deeper bond. We know their personalities and their aspirations. More than a business relation, we encourage personal interactions to truly understand the need of our clients, especially during tough times. It allows us to be more empathetic and to be able to fully represent our clients and deliver results that exceed expectations.”

           Mr. Mohit Bhandari – Advocate, Supreme Court.

Patron & Founding Member, B&B Associates LLP


B&B Associates LLP is trusted by a vast National, International, Corporate and NRI Clientele, with some of their most complex legal matters. The major reason behind such success is the exemplary service motive, transparency and an unparalleled dedication towards laws and justice. At B&B Associates LLP, Client Confidentiality is strictly ensured and the right methods of correspondence and delivery are adopted to promote efficiency and transparency. To bring in dependability in legal profession our advocates devise and discuss the best possible course of action for every lawsuit and then follow it through with immense dedication.



  • Advocates with over 37 years of experience.
  • Outstanding Track Record.
  • Immense reputation in law-field.
  • Modernistic & Revolutionary Approach.
  • Well-Appointed Experts Advocates for Specific Industry Sector.
  • Dependability/ Transparency/ Accountability.
  • Immense focus on Research and Analysis for each lawsuit.
  • A thoroughly devised action plan for each lawsuit.
  • Back-casted timeline and strict correspondence and reporting protocols.
  • A conscious uncomplacent and humble approach towards law practice.
  • Every lawsuit is treated uniquely and conducted with disciplined hard work.
  • Selective screening & appointment of the best lawyers in each discipline.
  • Constant Value Adding of the members through various sessions.
  • Polishing oratory & drafting skills to make the best lawyers even better.
  • Ensuring constant updates on laws & procedures.
  • Periodic attendance at the debates, moot-courts, seminars & International Conferences.
  • Client-centric approach.
  • Genuine guidance and right efforts.


B&B Associates LLP is a law firm which envisions legal empowerment of masses by revolutionizing the functioning of Legal Sector in India. The prime objective is to bring in transparency, ease of access, and dependability in the legal profession. Through our office establishments at Chandigarh, Panchkula, Dehradun, Delhi, Faridabad & Noida and associate partnerships spread across, the law firm aims at making benchmark Legal Services available in every city of India in near future. To bring in such dependability a whole set of procedures and protocols are to be made a part and parcel of standard legal practice. We at B&B are promoting the idea of adopting and ensuring basic standard procedures in the legal fraternity.


Having establishments at Chandigarh, Panchkula, Faridabad, Dehradun, Noida & Delhi, B&B Associates LLP has been taking an active part in programs of social development and provides free legal aid and pro-bono services to various organizations working in the field of upliftment. Through our pro-bono programme, the firm has been imparting unconditional support to the organizations working in rural-education and health sectors. We like helping Social Work Organizations and have been a part of various campaigns and drives. We ensure that the organizations lead their cause successfully while being on the right side of the law.



  • Kathrine Longwood

    I was initially skeptical about attorneys in India, but then I researched a lot and hired B&B Associates LLP for my legal matter. They got my husband’s property back from his influential brothers. I was given rightful legal guidance and support and my court case was handled exceptionally well in time. If someone is looking for the best Advocates and Lawyers in Chandigarh, I totally recommend B&B Associates LLP.

  • Akshay Singh

    Bhandari advocates and her team B&B associates provided excellent and quality service. I always felt that my needs were met and that the firm was invested in me and my case. They were easily accessible, got back to me quickly, aggressive and got me the results that I wanted. Mrs. Bhandari, her associates, and her staff all produced the quality of result that anyone would want when hiring a lawyer expert in family law. I would highly recomment B&B Associates LLP to anyone who’s looking for the best advcoates in chandigarh for matrimonial, family or divorce matters.

  • Preeti

    Thanks to Savita Bhandari Ma’am for her active support. I do not have words to thank her more. She is an inspiration and I will always remember her. Just the way I had heard, Mrs. Savita Bhandari is definitely the best lawyer in Chandigarh.

  • Amanpreet Singh Gill, Kharar

    My ex-wife harassed us for no reasons and threatened with false dowry and 498-A cases. A lot of people told us to compromise. But I had never taken dowry nor had 50 lakh rupees to give in compromise. I was given positive hope by Mrs. Savita Bhandari and B&B Associates LLP. No one got arrested. My case was fought well and I got divorced very quickly. I got saved from a lot of harassment from my wife. Thanks to B&B Associates LLP and their dedictaed team of matrimonial and divorce lawyers in Chandigarh.

  • P Sharma

    Suspension of sentence got approved because of B&B AssociatesLLP. Best advocates and lawyers for Criminal Appeal in the High Court Chandigarh.

  • Hanish Sodhi, Rajpura

    My co-employee gave false complaint against me. The enquiry committee favored me. But the co-employee got me terminated from and I was sentenced for 6 months by lower court. I got to B&B Associates in 2012. First got my services restored through high court in 3 months. Then I won the court case in appeal in 2014. Other employees of my department are stuck in similar cases since 2009. I am very thankful to the entire team of B&B Associates LLP. They are definitely the best advocates and lawyers in Chandigarh for service matters.

  • Vivek Bhatti

    Legal advisor, legal consultant, all superb. Thanks for resolving my issues. Thumbs up!

  • Parampreet Bhagat, Dehradun

    My wife’s property dispute in Chandigarh got handled very well by B&B Associates. Best legal services and counselling and the best advocates and lawyers in Chandigarh.

  • Shobhit Narwal, Panipat

    Won the Land Acquisition case in High Court under able guidance of Mr. Bhandari and B&B Associates LLP. Expert Advocates for property matters.

  • Gurpartap Boparai, Bhatinda

    B&B Associates LLP pulled my son out of False NDPS Case which was being made against him. Mr. Bhandari and Mr. Samhotra showed no tolerance towards injustice and corruption and acted promptly. Showing great intelligence they brought out the contradictions and eventually the charges were dropped. B&B Associates have saved our family from what could have been a disaster and are the best family lawyers and perfect advocates for matrimonial matters in Chandigarh. For best Advocates and Lawyers in Chandigarh, one should definitely get in touch with B&B Associates LLP

  • Pinoji Ashtanur – Ukraine

    I approached B&B Associates as I was looking for the best advocates and lawyers in Chandigarh for marriage registration. They provide very professional services and very nice lawyers.

  • Nikita Gupta

    I consulted Mrs. Bhandari for a civil matter. Her humble and personalized approach towards clients and cases is commendable. I’m fully satisfied as I got a very speedy relief.

  • Dr Smriti Gupta

    Brilliant Advocate. Best advice and guidance. Thank you.

  • Vinod Aggarwal, Sonepat

    B&B Associates LLP are the best advocates in Chandigarh for suspension of sentence.

  • Arshdeep Singh

    Thanks a lot for help. Really appreciate that. They were extremely professional in handling my case and are without a doubt the best advocates in Chandigarh.

  • Uma K Sehgal

    I have always thought that legal matters are very complicated but under her supervision, we got our property dispute solved.

  • Mahima

    Wonderful experience with her. She hears very patiently and with the immense subject knowledge and expertise handles the cases in the most effective way. She explains the complexities in a very simple and understandable manner. Highly satisfied with the services and strongly recommended.

  • Vikramadiya Kumar, Kaithal

    I am very thankful to B&B Associates LLP for handling my job case very well. Best advocates and lawyers in Chandigarh for service Disputes.

  • Anmol

    Mam is the the best person who has very intelligent solutions for all legal matters and do all possible efforts to help people get justice.

  • Simran

    My matter got resolved very efficiently. Great amount of care and concern was given.

  • Lavi Gupta

    Gave me proper advice in my case (Divorce) and easily approachable and I am fully satisfied with the service.

  • Preet Singh

    We had an ancestral dispute over a property ongoing for two generations. Before contacting Mrs. Bhandari I had apprehensions because laws in India are complicated and slow. Madam didn’t give me any false or high hopes and instead issued a timeline and a schedule to be followed. I could not have imagined that our dispute would be resolved before time and in such amicable manner. Many thanks to her and may god always grace people like her.

  • Harmeet Kaur, Australia

    B&B Associates helped my fight for my rights and got me my due share. Very professional and dynamic advocates. Definitely the best advocates and lawyers in Chandigarh. I will definitely recommend their services to my NRI Circle of friends in Australia who want any sort of legal help in India. Highly Recommended.

  • Anubhav Gupta, Ambala

    My dispute regarding commercial property got solved in very little time. All thanks to B&B Associates and their clear approach. Honestly, such great quality legal services in Chandigarh were beyond my expectations.

  • Rameshwar Khatkar, Jindh

    I was first a student of Mrs. Bhandari who is a wonderful teacher. Later, I reached her for our ancestral property matter which was very promptly handled. B&B Associates are the best advocates and are highly successful with their work. They are highly professional, transparent and might change your idea of lawyers. According to me they are the best advcoates and lawyers in Chandigarh and India for will related cases.

  • Vabhruvahan Singh

    It is rare to see such a combination of domain knowledge and professional ethics. I highly recommend Mrs. Bhandari and the expert team of B&B Associates LLP to anyone looking for legal help. I really appreciate the clarity they brought to the case and its outcome.

  • Renuka

    Savita Ma`am has excellent solutions to all the legal problems. I went to her for my matrimonial matter and I am very satisfied. I don`t think any other lawyer could have provided me with better services.

  • Mandeep Singh Dhariwal, Abhor Punjab

    My Motor Accident Case appeal was given good attention and I got relief in time. This assisted me in my case. Definitely the best advocates and lawyers in Chandigarh for accident cases.

  • Deepak Sharma

    Advocate Savita Bhandari is very honest and helpful. Despite of the fact that we withdraw our case and did settlement out of court. She supports to resolve and helpful all the time.

  • Ronit Oberoi

    Wonderful person, our property matters were handled very carefully and smartly. All thanks to mam that we came out of the dispute in least time possible. Best advocates and lawyers in Chandigarh.

  • Tim Rondal, NJ, USA

    B&B Associates protected our interest under the contract we entered with an Indian Client. Efficient staff, good communication, marvelous drafting and highly professional legal services. Truly satisfactory work ethics.

  • Ankita

    Rich legal knowledge. Timely wrap up of the case. Mrs. Bhandari was very helpful in resolving my matter. Also, very patient, and easily accessible.

  • Brijesh Sanghwan, Hisar

    Only because of B&B Associates LLP, our group of residents got the plots from the builder. Our case was handled very nicely at the State Consumer Redressal Forum. They are the best advocates and lawyers in Chandigarh for Consumer Dispute cases.

  • Shekhar Dutt

    One of the few lawyers who can present your case emphatically. Highly reliable and knows the law and its intricacies.

  • Vivek Puri, Realtor – Faridabad

    I am a builder and Real Estate Developer and I totally rely on B&B associates for all my property matters and legal needs. With a highly experienced, skilled and efficient staff, they are definitely the most professional and the best Advocates and Lawyers in Chandigarh that I have come across in years.

  • Shobha Pandey, Panchkula

    B&B Associates LLP solved our family disputes in highly professional manner and helped us move ahead in no time. Greatly thankful for the rightful guidance and approach. What I enjoyed the most is the comfortability with all the staff memebers and how passionate all of them are about their profession.


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