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A Pristine Law Firm in Panchkula for Litigation & Corporate Matters

Standing tall for trust & excellence, B&B Associates LLP is a reliable client-centric law-firm in Panchkula. The senior advocate members of the firm in Panchkula have an experience of over 37 years and are among the renowned practicing lawyers in Panchkula.

Oriented with a highly ethical culture, B&B Associates LLP engages in high-profile lawsuits and complex legal matters. The firm is sought for sensitive issues by an elite national and international clientele comprising of individuals as well as business groups. Committed to protect the rights of our clients in face of the harshest of the challenges, our Leading Lawyers and Top Advocates in Panchkula deploy innovative, advanced, and thoughtful measures to draw an effective course of action, and bring relief in cases where others can’t. At B&B Associates LLP, law practice is taken as a passionate challenge, after all, our pride lies in securing for our clients the best possible outcome.

Our best advocates and expert lawyers in Panchkula pursue vigorously on the course of justice and take up litigation matters in the District and Sessions Court in Chandigarh, The Punjab & Haryana High Court, and the Supreme Court of India. We also take up matters at the DRT, NCLT, The District Consumer Forum, Chandigarh, The Punjab State Consumer Commission, and The Haryana State Consumer Commission.


1. Introduction

  • The client briefly introduces themselves and the nature of their matter.
  • This could be performed over a call or via email. The CRM (client relationship manager) responds to these calls. Based on client’s introduction and the nature of the matter the firm the CRM will suggest the appropriate counsel for further and detailed consultation.

NOTE: CRM is not authorized to offer legal advice but only to understand the nature of matter.

2. Consultation

  • CRM reserves consultation with the counsel as per their schedule and convenience of the client. The consultation can be telephonic or in-office. During consultation client divulges information related to the matter. Based on the information received, the lawyer proposes probable solutions and recourses to be adopted.

NOTE: check consultation charges before requesting appointment.

3. Retainer Advice

  • Based on the selection of recourse, discussions pertaining to charges and understanding tentative timeline are ensued. Subsequently, a formal retainer advice is sent to the client to include and cover the recourses and explaining the rules of engagement.

4. Retainer agreement

  • The client, after perusing the retainer advice, formally requests services and a retainer agreement is thereafter signed – virtually or physically.





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Region of Law Practice

The law-firm takes up matters at the Supreme Court of India, the High Court of Punjab & Haryana, the District and Session Courts at Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Dehradun, Noida & Faridabad. Our expert legal services and finest Lawyers & Advocates are also sought for outstation matters – within India and abroad.

Work Ethic and Culture

Running in the third-generation of legal practice, a strong work ethic, and culture is underpinned to the foundation of the firm. Accountability, Diligence, and Goal Orientation being the prime virtues. The firm benefits from its well-preserved heirloom of legal techniques and fosters an environment of constant research and learning. Along with a team of highly experienced lawyers in Panchkula, B&B is a home to some of the finest law researchers, scholars, analysts, and activists who fasten an exemplary devotion towards laws and justice. To keep updated, the members of B&B Associates LLP are frequent attendees to national and international conferences, seminars and workshops, and are regularly invited by reputed international forums as guest speakers.

What is the Right Approach in Legal Matters!

Legal matters, just like medical matters, are not to be delayed. The biggest loss people suffer in their legal disputes, arise out of their inability to take the right step at the right time. Taking expert professional help from best advocates in Chandigarh can help you strengthen your case at the right time, and provide a correct perspective and rightful approach in securing your interest.

Benefits of Hiring the Best Lawyers in Panchkula

Hiring the best advocate in Panchkula for your lawsuit can prove substantially beneficial in the result of your case, besides, it can help save a lot of time and expense that can go waste in taking a wrong/ misguided route of litigation. Our highly experienced and learned lawyers in Panchkula are extremely diligent in handling legal matters with great zeal, passion, and dedication towards laws and justice. For a client, the most important aspect is to find a lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of legal procedure and sharp acumen to prefer the right approach in a lawsuit.



More than 1000 litigants and business clients bestow their trust on our top ranking advocates every year.

Ravi Dubey

What I liked the most while dealing with B&B Associates LLP is the genuineness and conviction of all the advocates who worked on my case. More than that, I liked the fact that many brains analyse each aspect and leave no stone unturned.

Babita Sharma

Mr. Ambransh helped us understnad the gravity of the case and then set forth our solutions. In a short manner we had approached with him representing us. Thank you sir kindly for all your help.

Babbi Bansal

The best lawyers and people you can meet. We always spoke and had long discussions. They are clear about the facts of law and will clear all your doubts and tell you the consequences of your case.

Metro Pharmacy

Experienced and professional lawyers with high acumen. They are very good and I am satisfied with the outcome for my work. Thank you.

Mudit Raina

I had a very hard time during my divorce. Savita Mam’s calm, understanding attitude was very helpful in easing my anxiety.

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