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    In addition to enjoying our fundamental rights, our constitution also expects us to perform some fundamental duties. Amid all those fundamental responsibilities, protecting our environment is a significant one. For the protection of the environment in view of the alarming stats, an end number of legislations are introduced. Our environment law lawyers in Patiala make sure that these legislations are implemented well and the public is aware of their duties towards our flora and fauna. 

    Besides assisting domestic clients, B&B Associates LLP is a reputed environment law firm which has been rendering its services to clients who are across the border. Our team of experienced senior environment law advocates in Patiala has gained expertise through decades-long legal practice in simplest to the most complex matters. Considering it our personal responsibility, we ensure that there is no violation, our forests and wildlife are protected, and a fair contribution to improve. 

    Services Offered By B&B Associates LLP’s Environment Law Lawyers In Patiala

    • Advice on clients on regulatory compliances related to environment protection laws.
    • Advice on environmental laws, rules and regulations, policies, notifications and governmental incentives available to further environmental interests, including tax credits, grants and land use provisions.
    • Approvals & Clearances Authorities
    • Carbon trading
    • Clearance From Pollution Checking Body for Generator Sets
    • Clearance from Pollution Checking Body for Generator Sets.
    • Compliance of Pollution Norms in commercial buildings
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Environmental Approvals under the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981
    • Environmental Approvals under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974
    • Environmental due diligence and assessments
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Filing appeals in the National Green Appellate Tribunal
    • Filing petitions in the High Court
    • Filing petitions in the National Green Tribunal
    • Filing PILs in the Supreme Court of India
    • Obtaining No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from Pollution Control Boards (both central and state) under the Air and Water Pollution Acts
    • Obtaining or renewing environmental permits

    Laws Related To Environment Protection In India

    Why Choose B&B Associates LLP’s Experienced Environment Law Lawyers In Patiala?

    B&B Associates LLP is a multidisciplinary law firm that has a standing of over 40 years. Our senior environment law lawyers in Patiala carry 40+ years of experience in the long battle for environmental protection. The firm specializes in advising and assisting clients through national and international environmental laws, judicial pronouncements and the latest developments in the sector. We provide complete guidance in policy making in compliance with the functioning of companies, industries and factories. Besides this, the team has also been trusted for its legal acumen in matters related to wildlife protection, forest preservation, consents and clearances, pollution control, climate change, Biodiversity, forests, resource preservation and efficiency, and water conservation among others. 

    The firm has been representing clients in the Supreme Court of India, state pollution control boards, and other courts/quasi-judicial authorities. We have been representing matters before the National Green Tribunal. The tribunal was established in 2010 aiming at speedy disposal of matters related to environment protection, conservation of forests and for seeking compensation for damages suffered due to Environment Law violations. 

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