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    As the jurisdictions change with borders, laws also change. Every country has its own set of rules and regulations. B&B Associates LLP is a reputed international law firm in India for all kinds of cross-border legal services. Our international law lawyers in Patiala are well versed with national as well as international laws and carry 40+ years of experience in the field. We represent multinational corporations, financial institutions and funds who are planning to expand in India. Besides this, we also advise and assist clients who are looking to grow their businesses abroad. We provide that legal support which is required in such scenarios.

    Our team provides legal services in matters related to property, construction, banks, financial institutions and cross-border family disputes. The firm is known for its experience record and legal acumen. Our international law advocates in Patiala have been offering legal services pertaining to international criminal law, international commercial law, global property disputes, cross-border marital disputes, and much more 

    Services Offered By B&B Associates LLP’s Experienced International Law Lawyers In Patiala

    • Vetting and drafting international agreements
    • Refuge and asylum related matters
    • Matters relating to extradition
    • Execution of Foreign Arbitral Awards
    • Execution of orders passed by the Indian courts in a foreign land.
    • Cross-border corporate disputes.
    • Prosecution for international crimes
    • How states can claim new territories
    • Arms agreements and controls
    • Cross-border mergers and acquisitions
    • Online gambling
    • Regulating common spaces like water and outer space
    • When it’s okay for a state to use force
    • Foreign Direct Investment
    • Human rights
    • Treatment of refugees
    • Trade between states
    • Preventing war
    • Fair treatment of prisoners
    • Preserving the environment
    • Sources of International Law
    1. Treaties

    Treaties are the written instruments in which the Sovereign States agree to adhere to the terms so negotiated. Treaties are known by various terms such as conventions, agreements, pacts, general acts, charters, covenants, etc. Treaties may be bilateral or multilateral in nature. Treaty to be binding on the State it must be signed as well as ratified by the State.

    1. Custom

    International customs having general practice over a prolonged period of time have been accepted as law as a second source of international law. Custom, in order to be accepted as International Law, must possess two fundamental elements: the actual practice of states over a period of time and the acceptance of the same as law by the states. The actual practice of states in order to have that binding nature must have gone through various elements such as the duration, consistency, repetition, and generality of a particular kind of behaviour by states.

    1. General Principles of Law

    The third source of international law has been identified by the Statute of the International Court of Justice as “the general principles of law recognized by civilized nations.” These principles are those which are not subject to any treaty or custom. But at the same time, they do provide a mechanism to address and resolve international issues. Perhaps the most important principles of international law are good faith and equity.

    1. Other Sources (like judicial decisions and scholarly writing)

    Article 38 (1) of the ICJ’s statute has also recognized judicial decisions and scholarly writings as the subsidiary means for the determination of the law. Both municipal and international judicial decisions can serve to establish new principles and rules governing the relations of the world community.

    Why Choose B&B Associates LLP To Hire Our International Law Lawyers In Patiala?

    International law, also known as public international law and law of nations, aims at eliminating wars, propagating peace, and using diplomacy as a means to end international disputes. After handling all kinds of legal matters globally, B&B Associates LLP has gained trust and reputation for being a leading international law firm in India. Transparency, accountability and professionalism are our core values which keep us aligned to the common goal of justice. Our lawyers for international law matters in Patiala strive for excellence and efficiency. We stay focused on providing the best legal recourse for your problems and that too in a timely manner.

    We have our presence in different cities in North India. Our lawyers and advocates in Patiala carry over a four-decade of experience. The firm’s team and legal practice are diverse as it is an all-service law firm. 


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