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    As a result of globalization, India has attracted many corporations worldwide to establish and expand their businesses in India. This expansion demands legal expertise for smooth business operations. Our experienced service and employment lawyers in Patiala are well versed and skillfully trained in the corporate sector and its various legal complications. B&B Associates LLP is a trusted law firm that has gained an international reputation while serving national and international clients for over 4 decades.

    Service and employment laws differ from country to country which may create ambiguities during the course of work. Our law firm is well aware of such complications and therefore, provides appropriate legal advice and assistance to balance complex relationships between employer, workforce and the government. Our service matter advocates in Patiala have in-depth knowledge of employment compliance laws, organizational structuring, data protection, outsourcing, acquisitions, international workforce relations, litigations or risk management.

    Legal Issues For Which You Can Hire Our Service And Employment Lawyers In Patiala

    • Anti-Corruption,
    • Administrative Review
    • Annual Confidential Report
    • Ad Hoc Service
    • Administrative Authority
    • Appointment
    • Age Proof
    • Age Relaxation
    • Bias
    • Charge-Sheet
    • Compulsory Retirement
    • Child Care Leave
    • Compassionate Appointment
    • Corruption Charges Under Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988
    • Disciplinary Proceedings
    • Denial of Reasonable Opportunity
    • Departmental Inquiry
    • Disciplinary Authority
    • Gratuity Of Govt. Servant
    • Joining Of Service
    • Judicial Review: Of an administrative Order
    • Limitations
    • Leave Rules
    • Major Penalty
    • Minor penalty
    • Maternity leaves
    • Misappropriation
    • Natural Justice
    • Pension
    • Promotion
    • Quashing Of an Administrative Order
    • Quasi-Judicial Authority
    • Recovery
    • Reinstatement
    • Res-Judicata
    • Salary
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Suspension
    • Stigmatic termination
    • Termination Simplicitor
    • Transfer
    • Unauthorized Absence
    • Unconditional Apology
    • Voluntary Retirement (VRS)
    • Vigilance

    Laws Governing Service And Employment In India

    Drafting And Vetting Services By Our Lawyers For Employment Matters In Patiala

    • Charge sheets
    • Separation agreements
    • transfer letters
    • warning letters
    • termination letters
    • dismissal letters
    • strike notices
    • lockout notices
    • closure notices
    • layoff notices
    • retrenchment notices
    • Replies to charge sheets, memos, warning letters, etc.

    Rationale Behind Service/Employment Disputes

    • Irresponsible and ‘taken for granted’ attitude of the employees.
    • Poor management and answerability.
    • Poor redressal mechanism of the Government Department.
    • Biased and prejudiced environment.
    • Issues pertaining to ego and whim of seniors.
    • Personal vendetta.

    Why Choose B&B Associates LLP For Legal Service And Employment Matters?

    B&B Associates LLP is a multidisciplinary law firm having its branches in the North India region. Besides advising and representing domestic clients, our professional service and employment lawyers in Patiala have also been serving international clients too. Our lawyers have proactively been assisting employees, executives, partners and corporations. 

    Our legal expertise also includes reviewing employee documentation, structuring of ESOPs, transfer and drafting requests, termination, restrictive bonds in labour law services, organizational restructuring, outsourcing and reductions in workforce, etc.

    B&B Associates LLP has earned trust through transparent and professional legal services. Our lawyers are thoroughly cognizant with all the laws and legal complications related to service and employment matters on domestic as well as international levels. Having vast knowledge and experience in the field of corporate law has been helping our team in devising the best possible recourses. Our experienced lawyers and advocates in Patiala have a developed understanding of major legal and regulatory aspects that pertain to employment and employer-employee relationship to enable employers to balance legal compliance requirements with business objectives.

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