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Literal Meaning

An entire thing; an entirely new or untouched matter




The term res integra is applied to those points of the law which have not been decided, which are untouched by dictum or decision. It is a point not covered by the authority of a decided case, so that a judge may decide it upon principle alone. In simple terms, res integra is something which has not yet been determined or resolved.

Case Laws

In Rajendra Kumar Sharma vs. the State of Chhattisgarh & Others, the Chattisgarh High Court held that the issue involved in the present petition is no longer res integra as the Supreme Court, in a catena of decisions, has made clear that the employees appointed on ad hoc basis have no right to continue in service or reinstatement.

In Prem Chand And Ors. vs. Union of India and Ors., the Central Administrative Tribunal of Delhi held that an issue is no more res integra that earlier when applicants had preferred a claim before the High Court of Delhi.

In Ghulam Qadir Badder & Anr vs. the State Of J&K; And Anr., the Jammu and Kashmir High Court held that “Law on the subject is no more res integra that mere cognizance of the complaint and the issuance of the process does not curtail any of the rights of the accused who is treated to be accused till his guilt is proved.”

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